6.90 degree hydraulic turning bracket

6.90 degree hydraulic turning bracket

Technical function In order to reduce the use frequency of driving and improve the efficiency of transfer and turnover, we have equipped with hydraulic mobile turnover machine, steel movement machine, turnover bracket, etc. to achieve automatic rotation and turnover in the whole process of welding and correction. 
The 90-degree turning bracket is a supporting device for heavy steel wire assembly machines. It is generally configured as a set of 3 sets. It is mainly used to turn the H-shaped steel from a vertical position after a 90-degree turn into a horizontal position for input of the next process. Perform welding. It uses a hydraulic cylinder to drive the L-shaped arm to rotate. Because the hydraulic station is equipped with a synchronization valve, three 90-degree turning brackets can be turned over simultaneously.

Product parameters

Applicable working weight: ≤15 tons
Wing width: 200-800mm
Web height: 200-1800mm

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