8.180 degree hydraulic turning bracket

8.180 degree hydraulic turning bracket

Technical function The mobile 180-degree turning bracket is composed of a host, a hydraulic system and an electronic control system. The host is composed of a 90-degree turning rocker arm, an underframe, a walking wheel set, a walking motor decelerator, and a guide rail. Lifting away from the roller table during work, the deceleration motor drives the two sets of flip brackets to move synchronously, so that the work moves to the side of the middle roller path, and finally the oil cylinder loses the rocker arm to turn the workpiece 180 degrees, and then moves to the middle roller table to transport, cable The line pipe is arranged by towline, which is safe, beautiful and reliable, with compact structure and easy operation. 

Product parameters

Applicable working weight: ≤15 tons
Maximum cross-sectional size of turned workpiece: 800 * 1500 mm
Walking motor power: 2 * 1.5 KW
Walking speed: 6 m / min
Overturning oil tank diameter: diameter 140 mm
Maximum pressure of hydraulic system: 20 Mpa
Hydraulic station power: 18.5 KW

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