AW-200 MK Seal Pipe Auto Welding Machine เครื่องเชื่อมท่อ

AW-200 MK Seal Pipe Auto Welding Machine เครื่องเชื่อมท่อ


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Pipe welding machine power supply and welding tongs



5003 welding clamp +150 power (tube diameter 12.7-76.2mm)



1 set

6-8 weeks



Pipe welding machine power supply and welding tongs



AS40 welding tong + AW200 (pipe diameter 6-38.1mm)




1 set



Technical Parameters:
Welding current: 1-150 amps, 220V;
Welding process: TIG argon arc welding self – welding;
Welding thickness: 0.5-2.8 mm;
Welding power: intelligent inverter power supply;
Welding diameter range:
5000 welding tongs 5001 welding tongs 5002 welding tongs 5003 welding tongs 6004 welding tongs
Diameter 30-12.0 4.0-25.0 6-50.0 12-76 25-114

Application industry: bio-medicine, electronic semiconductor, milk and other food industry.
According to clean pipe installation and installation requirements of the design and manufacture, easy to carry.

Tube – tube range: diameter 12.0 ~ 76.1mm
Wall thickness 0.25mm-3.0mm

First, the inverter power supply function:
150 amps or continuous welding capacity, the minimum welding current up to 1 amperes.
High frequency pulse auto starting arc
Automatic full position does not fill wire welding pipe – pipe welding machine

Second, the system controller function:
APG function: contains automatic program generation function. Just enter some basic parameters, such as pipe diameter, wall thickness, etc., the system can automatically provide an automatic welding program, without complex programming operations. Very suitable for the operation of the operation of workers.
Automatic spot welding function: the pipe can be welded on the entire circumference of 3-7 points to fixed pipe interface.
Tungsten rotation speed automatic calibration function to ensure the accuracy of welding parameters.
Segmentation function: the entire full-position weld can be divided into eight sections. Corresponding to different welding position using different welding parameters to ensure the continuity and quality of welding.

The program through the code management, the program has been modified, you can also save the new code for future use.
The use of welding parameters LCD digital display, both at night and during the day can clearly see the parameters of the situation.
High-speed thermal printing function, providing each weld parameter and image printing function.
Pulsating keyboard, enclosed chassis, suitable for the factory working environment.
You can store and modify 25 full-position welding procedures.
The units for the input of the welding parameters may be in inch or metric.

Third, the recommended use of all-position pipe – pipe welding clamp:
1, COPPER-5003 closed clamp assembly
Applicable tube diameter 12.0 ~ 76.0mm
Welded form: pipe – pipe, pipe – joint
5003 water-cooled welding clamp can be quickly inserted into the pipe clamp, according to the welding pipe diameter on the card head configuration corresponding to the jacket, you can meet the specific requirements of the pipe.

Fine adjustment function: During assembly, adjustable tungsten movement center and duct
Remote control function: can control the start / stop, the motor jog, gas off / next time and the final time
For different diameter, with the corresponding tube jacket, a pipe diameter corresponding to a tube jacket.
Equipped with a portable portable water-cooled circulator, such as water temperature is too high or water is not enough when the automatic alarm.

Fourth, the data display and logical simulation of the image
The welding process can show the status of the welding parameters, such as current, voltage, shielding gas, welding speed.
Logic simulation of welding processes and parametric waveform images, such as current, voltage, welding speed and so on.

Fifth, technical performance:
power supply
220 ± 10% volts, AC, single phase, 50 Hz
Output current
150 ± 1% amps, continuous solder or pulse welding
Pulse frequency of 0.01 ~ 2.55 seconds / pulse, that is, 0.4 to 100 pulses per second
Open-loop state of 65 volts, DC; welding state 26 volts, DC
Closed loop feedback speed
1.5 kHz
Current regulation frequency
30 thousand Hz
motor control
24 VDC motor with speed feedback

Six, computer control system
Micro-control unit, providing multi-function control software.
Computer memory: dual microprocessor design with non-erasable bootstrap area and erasable application storage area. SRAM can save the welding parameters after the machine is turned off.
Infrared communication unit: Transfer the welding program between machines.
Software modification: through RS232 or RS485 interface.
Program storage capacity: 25 complete welding procedures.

Seven, mechanical parameters:
Weight: about 19 kg; Size: 483 mmX 356 mm X 216 mm

China – made welding machine parameter configuration

Sealed pipe automatic welding machine

Sealed full position pipe automatic welding machine / stainless steel pipe automatic welding / clean pipe automatic welding
Applicable to stainless steel thin-walled TIG full-position pipe welding, with AS40 type of welding, welding range ¢ 6-38.1mm

Technical Parameters




                       AW 200
Welding current


Duty cycle (20 ℃)


             200A 60% /155A 100%
Input voltage


            AC220V±10% 50Hz/60Hz


4.5 KVA

cool down


                        External water cooling



                         10 inch touch screen



physical dimension




Feature description
Power Features:
DC welding power supply

Full touch screen control
Siemens PLC module group using modern large-scale integrated circuit technology to provide a stable design, a variety of output parameters for precise control and sampling.
 Imported 200A inverter movement, reliable hardware to ensure welding stability.
 10 inch Chinese interface, graphical user interface, built-in expert parameters, to provide a strong user data and system parameters, easy to make programming simple.
 Integrated water tank integration, lighter weight;
• AC220V 50Hz / 60Hz single-phase power supply, European plug, the use of switching power supply unit for the welding system module to provide a stable voltage and current, even within 20% of the external grid fluctuations, to ensure a stable weld repeatability.
 Built-in mini-free maintenance printer without replacement of ink cartridges, one-touch printing and automatic printing.
 Fault protection, automatic diagnostic function and maintain fault alarm information, reduce the damage caused by misuse.
 The welding torch is connected with the welder using the European quick connector, and the split structure is easy to install in the field.
 Spot welding function
 Parameter adjustment memory function
 Password protection
 Powerful range feature that provides 10 user range data

Welding head features:

Sealed welding head for the elongated structure, water cooling function is strong, can withstand high load;
– Suitable for thin-wall pipe welding of stainless steel, titanium alloy and other materials
– Mainly used in pharmaceutical piping, food, bioengineering, electronics, instrumentation, installation of pipeline industry
– Closed welding, welding protection effect is good, the surface forming beautiful, suitable for small operating space installation site
– Rotation without winding structure, gun body water cooling, torch light and high duty cycle
– positioning method for the chuck positioning, positioning accuracy
– The handle is equipped with an operation button to facilitate the control of the equipment of the action

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