Cantilever bottom welding machine (double arc and double wire)

Cantilever bottom welding machine (double arc and double wire)

Technical function

This machine is mainly used for CO2 gas shielded bottom welding of assembled box beams. The box beams assembled after the box shape are transported to the gas shielded welding base welding station through the conveying roller table. The welding arm equipped with a welding head moves horizontally and up and down through the skateboard and the trolley to align the welding tip on the CO2 welding head with the welding seam. Go straight on the line and perform automatic bottom welding of the flat weld of the box beam.

Product parameters

Workpiece size 300 ~ 1200 mm
Welding speed 0.15 ~ 1.5 m / min
Return speed 3 m / min
Trolley gauge 1400 mm 
monitor rate 1.4 kW
Air pressure 0.5 ~ 0.7 MPa
Welding machine configuration Panasonic welding machine YD-600KH × 4 sets, control box, control cable, cooling water tank

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