CNC end milling


Technical function

CNC face milling is composed of milling head, lifting production column, working table, bed, mechanical feed system, electrical control system, numerical control system, guide rail protection device, cutter and other parts. This machine tool is used to weld or roll the ends of H-shaped steel or BOX steel for milling. The maximum workpiece end face that can be milled is 1200 * 1500mm, and the minimum workpiece end face is 300 * 200mm. side. This machine tool has the advantages of easy operation, simple structure, and rapid adjustment. It is one of the necessary equipment for professional manufacturers of welded steel. The sliding table feeding and milling head lifting of this machine adopt Guangzhou NC DA98A drive servo motor, the latest digital signal processor DSP (TMS320F2407A) from the US IT company, large-scale programmable gate array (CPLD) and MITSUBISHI intelligent power module ( IPM), high integration, small size, perfect protection and good reliability. Using the optimal PID algorithm to complete PWM control, the performance has reached the level of similar foreign products.

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