Laser Cuittng F1530 1kW/1.5kW/2kW

Laser Cuittng F1530 1kW/1.5kW/2kW

Product code: 000394

1kW (F1530) ราคา 1,180,000 บาท

1.5kW (F1530) ราคา 1,490,000 บาท

2kW (F1350) ราคา 1,980,000 บาท

รหัสสินค้า: 000394 หมวดหมู่:

Main parts of  SISC-F1530 Fiber laser cutting machine with Raycus laser


Model SISC Laser F1530
Laser 1000W 1500W 2000W
Cutting thickness (mm.) 0.5-4 0.5-6 0.5-8
Cutting head  RayTools     from Swizerland
Drive mode Dual drive
Guide rail 1 set of HIWIN from TAIWAN
Rack and pinon YYC from Taiwan 4sets of YASKAWA from JAPAN
Servo motor and drive Principle axis use 2 sets of 1800w motor,X axis use 1set
 of 850w,Z axis use 1 set of 400w motor
Water chiller  Tongfei Dual-temperature control
CNC and software
Cypcut from SHANGHAI
Industry computer Advantech from Taiwan
Power requirement Power requirement
Gross weight 4.6T
Terminal row Germany Weidmuller
Relay Germany SIEMENS
Packing size 3*1.5*2m


Spare parts for free

  1. 1 piece of extra focus lens
  2.  4 Nozzle
  3. 3 pieces of protective mirror


Material Thickness Auxiliary gas
Carbon steel ≤12mm Maximum (≤8m is best effect) Oxygen
Stainless steel ≤10mm Maximum (≤4mm is best effect) Nitrogen
Aluminum alloy ≤6mm Oxygen


After sales service
I.2year warranty for the whole machine
II.2 years warranty for the fiber laser source
III.Life-long maintenance
IV.In the warranty period,if it breaks down or some parts damaged(Except the human factors and the factors of force majeure),the seller should be responsible for repair for free,the parts need to be replaced will be provided from seller for free(Except the quick-wear part).
V.After the warranty period expired,the buyer only need to pay the actual maintenance cost.
VI. After sales service response time: quick response within 8 working hours,after receive the repair call, our after sales engineer will reply as soon as possible.
VII.Full installation and training of our fiber laser cutting machine by our engineers overseas.

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