FLG-200/300HD Inverter Fine Plasma Cutting Machine

FLG-200/300HD Inverter Fine Plasma Cutting Machine


#จงเลือก​ใช้​ SISC​ Hi-speed​ plasma​ จะ​ดีกว่า​

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FLG-200/300HD Inverter Fine Plasma Cutting Machine

FLG-200HD, ราคา​880,000, ตัดสแตนเลส​26มม, ด้วยแก๊ส​อากอน Argon​&hydrogen
FLG-300HD, ราคา​1,150,000, ตัด​สแตนเลส​36มม, ด้วยแก๊ส​อากอน Argon​&hydrogen


Thanks for Huayuan’s decade of research & development and experience, the fine plasma cutting machine is successful break through after thousands of testing & improving with more than 5 years, it is a high definition plasma cutting machine which is suitable for metal cutting such as carbon steel, aluminum, copper, etc. A innovative and original technology of  CRCTech  is used in this plasma cutting machine, accurate current control makes better cutting quality. Several R&D achievements on this machine have been applied to been intellectual property protection.

* CRCTech is current ripple control technology.

Main features

■   The CRCTech is used on this machine, the ripple of the output current is small, which makes reliable cutting quality and glossy cut

■   A specially adjuted torch cooling system with high- power & high lift pump and high-power heat radiation structure, which highly lengthen the consumables working life

■   With seperate gas input connectors for different gas cutting process, get the better cutting condition for different metal materails

■   Reliable high frequency arc ignition controlling techlonogy, seperate design of high frequency box and plasma power source, which highly reduces the high frequency disturb and get 100% arc starting success rate

■   Various of  communication control connector, can easily work with different type of CNC control systems




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