H2GF 6000×12000 (2 Gunty Full Option)

H2GF 6000×12000 (2 Gunty Full Option)


Product code: 345360

#เครื่องตัดซีเอ็นซี #ซีเอ็นซีพลาสม่า #เครื่องตัดเหล็กหนา

Heavy Duty(Full Option) Gantry CNC Frame/plasma cutting machine
Gantry CNC plasma and flame plate cutting machine(standard configuration for 5.5x10m)

  1. Equipment function
  2. Cutting object:sheets and plates
  3. Cutting material:Stainless steel, carbon steel, other non-ferrous metal
น้ำหนัก :160000 กรัม
ขนาด [กว้าง x ยาว x สูง] :6000 x 12000 x 1200 ซม.
รหัสสินค้า: 345360 หมวดหมู่:

Cutting technology :Cut any shape on a plate,cut off, bevel.

Machine structure spare parts

Component introduction

Name of each part of the equipment

Longitudinal drive control system

Vertical use of double gear rack meshing drive, coupled with high-precision reducer, coupled with speed and position feedback, to achieve high-precision positioning drive.

Lateral drive control system

The high precision single shaft guide, to achieve the same as the mirror and move smoothly in the torch through the wire device between master and slave.

Pneumatic transmission mode

In the longitudinal direction of the mobile machine has a lot of work cable, grounding cable and gas source, this vertical moving load, running stability and reliability of this will affect the machine, the towline servo mechanism to ensure the pipeline, clean, and can reduce the overshoot tendency in turn when the high speed machine bay. Because the cutting movement of high-speed cutting to prevent damage to the pipeline running at the same time, the length of the pipe can be unnecessary surplus.


The vertical guide rail is made of heavy rail with 30 kg/m of high strength and heavy load finishing, and the top and two sides are machined by special grinding machine. The horizontal guide rail adopts imported precise cold drawn profiles, which are used after precise machining. A heat treated heavy load rack is arranged on the outer side of the guide rail. It guarantees the high precision and long life of the transmission. Thus ensuring the high precision and stability of the cutting machine during the whole working period.

The plasma torch anti-collision device

360 degrees by sensor control, anti-collision mechanism, once the plasma torch has any direction impact machine stop motion.

NC rack

The whole body is made of Gantry milling and processed at one time. The frame is made by boring machine at one time. With strict assembly standard and technology, the cutting accuracy of each machine tool is guaranteed.

The hollowed out steel plate welding body is easy to dissipate heat and increases the service life of the equipment.

Machine tool beam width 600mmX300mm,steel plate thickness 8mm, baffle thickness 20mm,

The frame is heavy 1000 kg ,strictly according to the standard heavy structure design and processing.

Working conditions

Power source LGK-200 or LGK-300I

For plasma CUT-200I / Pierce :1~25mm; Maximum edge cutting capacity:2~36mm

For plasma CUT-300I / Pierce:30mm; Maximum edge cutting capacity:2~46mm

  1. Controller system F2300B
  2. All Chinese / English menu system
  3. 45 kinds of commonly used graphic libraries, including grid graphics, can be set .
  4. support EIA code (G code) and FastCAM, FreeNest, SmartNest, IBE and other kinds of nesting software.
  5. figure ratio, rotation, mirror image
  6. graphics can be arranged in matrix, arranged alternately and stacked.
  7. graphics steel plate correction, any steel edge can be used as correction edge.
  8. you can self diagnose all the IO status and key state of the system, so that it is easy to check and troubleshoot.
  9. front U disk interface, convenient for program transmission
  10. system upgrade using U disk upgrade method, convenient and practical, provide lifelong free upgrade service. All the functions and processes of the whole system can be upgraded online, so as to avoid the worries of after sale.
  11.  support edge cutting. For thicker steel plate, preheating time can be reduced.
  12. according to the thickness of the steel plate, the speed limit can be automatically controlled at the corner, so that it can effectively prevent overheating.
  13. manually select the starting line or select the perforation point.
  14. dynamic / static processing graphics display, graphics enlargement / reduction, dynamic tracking of cutting point in magnified state.
  15. DSP high speed, high precision interpolation control, high speed operation, smooth operation, low noise.
  16. arbitrarily setting the starting speed and the time of rising and lowering.
  17. memory function with power break and breakpoint protection
  18. “offset cutting” function can avoid plate waste due to miscalculation.
  19.  you can set up different administrative permissions and corresponding passwords to maintain the management’s rights and interests.
  20. remote control can be carried out on the front, back, left, right and cutting movements, such as start and stop, and so on.


The main features are as follows:

  1. the operation interface has a variety of practical instructions, such as collision indication, ascending and descending indication, etc. the interface is beautiful and the function is more complete.
  2. theanti-interference performance is stronger.
  3. add dynamic perforation function, suitable for all kinds of large plasma cutting, prolong the life of wearing parts. It can accept the Dynamic perforation control of level signal and pulse signal and use flexibly.

Fast CAM nesting software introduction:

  1. to avoid and reduce the cutting space between parts and improve the utilization rate of steel.
  2. the common edge cutting to cut one or two edges of each rectangle, effectively reducing the cutting stroke and improving the cutting efficiency.
  3. the common edge cutting using the cutting edge preheating, avoiding the perforation, reducing the preheating time, and improving the cutting efficiency.
    • The cutting nozzle and the consumables are effectively saved.

Dust removel system installation(option part)

Customer factory on-site

Equipment delivery information

  1. Provide an operating manual
  2. Provide a complete set of basic installation drawings
  3. Provide a set of safe operating procedures

List of random tools

After-sales service

  1. After the check and accept by clients, the warranty period is 2 years.
  2. During 2 year warranty period, Yomi provides free repair service in case of failure due to defective part/ component, and replace defective part/component free of charge. Transportation costs are borne by clients ,such as express fees.
  3. During the 1 year warranty period, when we get maintenance call ,we will reply within 8 hours,and set up a 1:1 chat group on WhatsAPP or QQ to follow-up,through video and Computer remote control etc,guide the customer to remove the fault or replace the accessories. if clients need on-site repair,Yomi will arrange the overseas engineer ( usually 1 person ,can speak English) immediately,the  traffic, Visa, air ticket, food, accommodation, translation, internet, overseas allowance etc for Yomi engineer should be borne by clients.
  4. After the warranty period,the replacement parts will be charged at the cost price.Transportation costs are borne by clients ,such as express fees/air costs.
  5. Controller system and sofware will lifetime upgrade free .
  6. Except for human damage for machine, Yomi supply life-long maintenance service.

Packing And Marking

The supplier shall have the goods suitably packed and shall take measures to protect the goods from moisture, rain, rust, corrosion, shock, & any other hazard’s in export sea standard worthy palletized packing.

The following documents shall be enclosed in each package of the goods:

Detailed packing list in 2 copies; Quality certificate in 2 copies;

Technical documents for relevant equipments in one copy.

Should the goods be damaged or lost due to supplier’s improper packing and / or inadequate protective measures before shipping, the supplier shall be responsible for the repair, replacement of compensation.

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