Heavy Gantry CNC (2ปืน) YH40120

Heavy Gantry CNC (2ปืน) YH40120

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Technical Parameters  
1 Cutting Shape Steel plate with any plane shapes fromed by straight lines and arcs.
2 LCD Display Dimension 10.4 Inches
3 Effective Cutting plate Size 3100*12000mm
4 Railway Size 4000*14000mm
5 Flame Cutting Thickness 5-200mm
6 Plasma Cutting Thickness 0.5-30mm (according to plasma power)
7 Height Control Electric Height Control+Arc Voltage Height Control(THC)
8 Motor and driver Japan pansonic servo motor and driver
9 Reduce Chinese top reducer
10 Cutting Speed 0-10000mm per minute
11 Drive Mode Double driver
12 Cutting Mode Plasma and flame
13 Ignition Device Auto 
14 File Transmission USB
15 Cutting Gas Flame: Oxygen+ Acetylene/ Propane/ Coal gas 
Plasma :air
16 Gas Pressure Max. 0.1 Mpa
17 Oxygen Pressure Max. 0.7 Mpa
18 Cutting Accuracy  ±0.5mm
19 Software starcam software 
20 Power Supply Voltage/Frequency 220V/110V   50HZ  60HZ
21 Rated Power Supply 2700W
22 Working Temperature -10℃-60℃. Relative Humidity from 0-95%


Cutting Effect

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