Heavy steel shifting machine

Technical function

The steel-moving machine and the 60-degree turning bracket are auxiliary equipment for cantilever welding. A welding zone is generally equipped with a set of (2) steel-moving machines and two sets (6) of 60-degree turning brackets, a group of steel-moving machines and two sets of 60 The degree-turning bracket shares a hydraulic station and an electric control box, and the control buttons are on the cantilever welding operation panel. A steel moving machine is composed of a frame, four walking wheels, two lifting cylinders, a motor reducer and so on. The functions of the steel moving machine are: 1) lifting the workpiece; 2) moving the workpiece. When working, the two steel-moving machines move synchronously to lift the workpiece from the roller table on the laid guide rail and move it to the 60-degree turning bracket.


Product parameters

gauge 700mm
Jacking weight 15T / group
Jacking stroke 80mm
Walking speed 5m / min
Walking motor power 1.5kW × 2
Hydraulic station power 11kW (shared with 60-degree hydraulic turning bracket)
Working pressure of hydraulic system 16MPa

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