Laser cutting 1kW (F1530) SQUARE TUBE & PIPELINE

Laser cutting 1kW (F1530) SQUARE TUBE & PIPELINE


Main technical parameter

Machine Model PMFiber-1530
Max. working area 1500mm x 3000mm
Laser  Raycus 1000 watt fiber laser
Pipe length ≤6meters
Laser wavelength 1080 nm
Rated power 10-100%
Water chiller power 8 Kw
X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy 0.01mm
X,Y-axis fast moving speed 80 m/min
X,Y-axis max. cutting speed 45 m/min
Min. cutting line width 0.02-0.08 mm
Max. cutting speed 45 m/min
Machine occupy space 5.5 m x 6 m
Machine weight 8500 KG
Voltage 220V/380 V or optional to site





1.Raycus Laser Source

The photoelectric conversion more than 35%;Fiber laser is compact in structure, stable in performance and widely used, Fiber laser has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good beam quality and low maintenance cost,(The Germany PG Laser source is optional).

2.Water cooling systerm S&A Brand

Cooling laser device:

Protect the the laser device in normal temperature, avoid moisture condensation.

Cooling laser head:

When machine working, laser head will produce large heat, water chiller cooling laser head to make sure the lens and mirrors avoid breaking because of the heat

3,Sawtooth blade table, suitable for sheet metal cutting.

And high accuracy rotary clamps for round pipe, square pipe, rectangle pipe and any other clamps.

4.Raytool laser cutting head auto focus

  • Swiss imported raytool laser cutting head with autofocus
  • High cutting speed and best cutting quality
  • Easier faster protective glass cartridge change
  • Temperature constant distance control
  • Scale for setting the focus position in lateral and vertical position

6.Transmission system

Germany OAR gear rack Transmission System

Work with HIWIN guide rail, gear rack transmission system improve cutting speed compare to ball screw transmission. Also can keep good stability and high precision when do cutting

7.Bochu system

China best brand, more than 20 years Controller history.

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