SISC NC Hydroric Shearing Machine E21s controller รุ่น QC11Y-6×2500

SISC NC Hydroric Shearing Machine E21s controller รุ่น QC11Y-6×2500

#จงเลือก​ใช้​ SISC​ Hi-speed​ plasma​ จะ​ดีกว่า​

1. The main body of the feeding platform adopts the square tube welding process, after the bed is welded, the stress is processed by the vibration, and the rigidity is high. The working platform is a composite mesa of the channel steel and the universal ball, plate running smoothly and no resistance.
2. X and Y axis control, with TBI ball screw, linear guide.
3. Control system: using industrial computer and control card raiter CNC system can realize the automatic conversion of AutoCAD graphics processing procedures, with mould database management, realize plate automatic relation, can achieve one butto operation, breakpoint processing, piecework display, analog display processing trajectory and equipment empty running, etc. It is operated simply and easy to understand
4. Servo unit: HUADA servo motor.
5. Adopt a plurality of hydraulic clamps, and the avoidance function can be realized to avoid to crush plates.
7. Aluminum alloy elastic coupling is adopted to ensure the accuracy of transmission and correction accuracy.
8. Centralized lubrication system, double fully automatic lubrication pump. Centralized lubrication device is to reduce the friction of the various sports and improve the service life.

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