RSN7-3150HD Stud Welding machine (HIGH QUALITY)

RSN7-3150HD Stud Welding machine (HIGH QUALITY)



RSN7 range steel construction stud welding machines

  • Soft switch inverter transformation technology, small size, less weight, energy saving and environmental protection (electric saving 30%-40% comparing with Thyristor rectifier welding machine), efficient EMI design, low pollution to power grid.
  • Internal structure modular design, perfect control and protection functions, use pure IGBT device, safe and reliable whole machine, low fault rate, no demanding for professionals, general electrician can repair and maintenance.
  • Circuit board is under waterproof, anticorrosion, dampproof and dustproof treatment, which is applicable for high humidity and poor environment projects, such as field operation, tunnels and high-rise buildings etc.
  • Stepless regulation of welding electric current and welding time, digital display of welding parameter and input voltage. Detection and display functions of input voltage are one of the distinctive features of “YIFA” welding machines, through which the welder can conveniently understand the power voltage without the assistance of instruments.
  • Dormant welding machine fans can save energy, reduce dust and dirt of inner equipments, and increase lifespan by 3 times higher.
  • Compensatory capabilities of power voltage. When the voltage decreases, this machine can automatically stabilize welding parameters, when the voltage is extremely low, the machine still can work normally(only the max welding current is a little lower), the welding strength is much higher than ordinary welding machine. This feature applies to: electricity shortage and require multiple devices at the same time construction works such as engineering powered by generators, shipbuilding, steel structure etc.
  • Welding time can be controlled manually and automatically. Suitable for many welding process.
  • The welding parameters have been set in the panel. It is very easy to operate.
  • Reasonable output voltage design, extended use of welding torch cable. Sustainability of high load, high resistance to fatigue.
  • Can be scheduled to manual metal arc welding, carbon arc gouging
  • The special torch structure and large lifting force in circuit welding torch, low heat, durable, the whole welding process is finished automatically. Ordinary welder can learn the operation in 20 minutes, and can weld skillfully in 1 hour.
  • High strength electrostatic coating steel plate, chassis, high corrosion resistance

Name:RSN7 Duo Gun series ปืนคู่

Model No:RSN7-2500-2/3150-2/4000-2


Double gun stud welding machines are equivalent to two separate machines work simultaneously without disturbing the welding operations, high welding speed, good welding quality and high welding efficient.

Why not use two separate machines instead of one double gun machine? RSN7 double gun stud welding machines possess the features of single gun IGBT inverter stud welding machines as well as the following advantages

  1.  Two set of movements,one machine enclosure and auxiliary body, low price, less weight and high efficient.
  2. Due to the integration of two set of movements, good conformity and quality, strict requirements for each small parts.
  3.  When only one of the two guns is in operation, two movements can produce maximum current and weld larger-diameter weld studs, which is impossible for one single-gun machine.
  4.  In case one of the movements fail to work, the other movement can still work continually without influencing the operating process. The rate of failure is very little thanks to dual-core technology.
  5. Dual-core welding machine, like the dual-core technology of computer, two movements can separately work well, double the welding speed and the price of the machine is reduced by 30%.

The welders used dual-core technology, we master the rest easy Applications of double-gun stud welding machines

  1. high speed railway Apply to the situations of busy and large scale welding tasks. Due to busy workload, 3-4 welding machines cannot meet the time limit of a project. If adding more welding machines, the power capacity will be deficient, and there will be no enough electric cables for machines. Double gun machines can avoid the welding dilemma.
  2. high-rise buildings It will take averagely 4 days to construct one floor. Considering the clear working day (due to no welding in raining) and the time of installing and laying floor decks and binding the steel bars, the time left for welding is very limited. Temporarily adding more machines will face the trouble of deficient power capacity and inadequate preparation. Dual-core welding machines can solve these problems.

Applicable projects: steel construction, floor decks, bridge, embedded parts, heavy machinery, industrial factory buildings, high-rise buildings, power plant buildings, chemical engineering buildings, shipbuilding, metal construction, electromechanical equipments, etc.

thickness ≥3mm, weldable studs: Φ10mm, 13mm, 16mm,19mm, 22mm, 24mm(shear connectors, stud welding studs, round corner studs), M4mm—M36mmstuds, pins and similar studs and bolts.

Applicable materials: carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, copper etc. materials with arc weldability. Welding in the workpiece surface of oxide layer, oil slick, priming paint or electroplate. After welding, no deformation, no convex, downward position welding, vertical position welding, overhead position welding, all position welding.

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