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SISC robot Advantage

  1. We have our own controller technology and robot body technology.And our controller share the biggest China robot market
  2. We use own drive-controller integration technology.Makes the electrical cabinet smaller.And can applied into more working places.
  3. Our electrical cabinet has been through strict testings including low and high temperature testing shaking testing etc.
  4. Specially designed center hollow structure for the welding robot.makesthe welding wire coming through more smoothly
  5. 0ur standard type matching welding power source is great quality “OTC”,”MEGMEET”, “HUAYUAN”,brand with nice price.Makes you more competitive in your market (We can also offer Chinese brand if you need)
  6. We have large development team and engineer team.And we use our own developed controller.So we know very much on both controller and robot body.Make sure to give you great technical support and we can also offer you customized development for targeting market products if needed.
  7. We use high quality anti-collision welding gun.
  8. IP Our IP is 56.Better than most of the other manufacturers.
  9. We offer the most professional and comprehensive onsite training tnaning videos instruction documents.
  10. We started manufacturing industrial robot since 2005.0ne of the eariest robot builder.We have the most mature technology in China.
  11. We use top level reducer builder in China.TTtey are Shuanghuan and Leader
  12. our casting parts are made through metal mold.Which will be more beautiful and have much more accuracy than casting parts made through wood mold.With greater accuracy rt can prevent oil leaking problem.And robot operation will have better accuracy and performance.All our casting parts must be tested by the Trigonometric coordinates.And all the parts must go through pressure test in water.In this way to make sure all the parts are well qualified.
  13. Our assembled robots go through strict testings.There are 13 testings through automation system managing process.Robot will go tnrough noise testing accuracy testing speed testing sealing test etc.We have special devices to test it.We also have a test controlling system to manage and evaluate the testing Make sure they are good quality robots before coming out of factory.
  14. We have strict belt testing and our belt is with exellent quality and more expensive material cost.Make sure it can work smoothly with less abrasion t han others and can have longer life length.
  15. Big standard professional production line.Ifs with production capacity of more than 5000 unitsof robot per year.Workers at each working position only need to do 1-2 jobs repeatedly.Make sure the whole working process is correct and efficient.
  16. We also developed our own vision system (2D vision 3D vision) etectrical arc tracking laser tracking system folkwing system.We keep constant upgrading according clients’ industry requirement.
  17. Each model type will undergo comprehensive testings including 16 types of big testings and 64 types of smaller testings when it’s developed.

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