YM-CS 4x14M Multi-Torches Gantry CNC Gas Cutting Machine

YM-CS 4x14M Multi-Torches Gantry CNC Gas Cutting Machine

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Model YM-CS 4x14M Multi-Torches                 Gantry CNC Gas Cutting Machine
Machine Size (W)4000x(L)14000mm Need to Customize Machine for your application
Effective Cutting Range (W)3150x(L)12000mm
Cutting method Plasma/ Gas
Cutting torch Plasma 1 torch +1 Gas torch–In Horizontal Direction

Gas 8 Torches in Longitudinal Direction

Cutting torch lifting distance 200mm
Cutting Thickness Gas: 6-200mm

Plasma: 1-32mm with high quality cutting effect (LGK300A), maximum cutting thickness 40-50mm

Cutting Speed Oxygen 100-1200mm/min

Plasma 500-3500mm/min

Double-side Cylinder Manifold One
Automatic Ignition Mode Nine
Torch Height Controller One(HYD THC)
Plasma torch anti-collision system Yes(One)
Drive Mode Servo motor–Japan Panasonic
Control System Shanghai F2300B system
Nesting Software STARTCAM
Rail length 14m(total 28m)  2m/per section
Heavy rail 30kg/m  2m/Section
Cutting table 12m enough for 14m rails
Accurate Cutting Precision +/- 0.2mm/m
Machine Moving Speed 9000mm/min
Positioning speed 24000mm
Setting up Speed error ≤±5%
Automatic adjustment of high precision ≤±1.0mm
Longitudinal straight line accuracy ±0.3mm
Cutting table 12m enough for 14m rails


The main technical indicators of the machine

Working Condition


Overall accuracy of the whole machine (based on the right comprehensive graphic) Side length (four sides) 1000╳1000, Scribing speed 500-800mm / min
Side length (four sides) Mm ±0.5mm
Diagonal Error | AD-BC | Mm ±0.5mm
Origin Deviation Mm ±0.2mm
Intersection deviation Mm ±0.5mm
Straight line deviation Mm ±0.2mm
Cutting surface quality (roughness) (select δ = 25 sheet) Rz (um) = 70 + 1.2a roughness 12.5
Verticality and tilt tolerance μ (mm) = 0.4 + 0.015a

Tool: Angle ruler

Straight angle Mm Diagonal error ≦ ± 0.2 mm


Walking straightness Mm/Effective cutting length Longitudinal ≦ ± 0.2mm / effective length

Horizontal ≦ ± 0.2mm / effective length

Torch angle error Degree ≦ ± 0.5º
Equipment noise Decibel ≤80dB


Machine working conditions

Power Power voltage / frequency 3×380v±10%/50Hz

Single Phase 220v±10%/50Hz

Input Power of machine 3KW
Compressed air Dry, oil-free; Pressure: 0.8Mpa Flow: 1.0m3/H
Gas type Propane\Acetylene\Propene\Natural Gas.
Ambient temperature 0-50 ℃
Relative humidity <90% Non-Condensing
Surroundings Ventilation. No big impact within 5 meters
Earthquake level According to six levels of defense


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