ZX7-1000HD Carbon Arc Gouging Machine

ราคา 115,000 บาท

Main features:

1, 100% rated duty cycle, high output power, special design for carbon arc gouging;

2, Adopting digital control and inverter soft switch technology, all important elements like digital cord , IGBT module, FRD and  integrated circuit are famous brand with high reliability;

3, Intelligent cooling fan to reduce the power consume and inside dust;

4, With over voltage/lack voltage/lack phase/overheat automatic protection function;

5, With particular anti-electric shock protection function anti-electric shock function, the welding machine can automatically recognize if it is in welding status. When the welding machine does not work, the output voltage is automatically reduced to safety voltage;

6, With reliable performance on MMA function.



It is mainly used in welding rooting, making groove, removing the welding flaws, on different materials of carbon steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy and so on.

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