Heavy-duty conveyor roller

Heavy-duty conveyor roller

Performance characteristics

The conveyor roller is an important part of the H-shaped steel welding production line to form the assembly line. As a result, the use of vehicles is reduced to the greatest extent, and the welding production efficiency is improved. The conveying rollers are generally placed one section at a time and one section at a passive interval. They are arranged in a straight line from the roller table of the assembling machine to the roller table of the straightener (can not be turned). A 90-degree turning bracket, a steel-moving machine and a 180-degree turning machine were also interspersed. For workpieces from 6 meters to 15 meters long, the length of the conveyor roller arrangement of the entire production line is about 75 meters, with a total of 10 active roller tables and 10 passive roller tables. If the length of the workpiece exceeds 15 meters (18 meters, 20 meters or more), the overall length of the production line and the length of the roller table arrangement must be rearranged.

Technical Parameters

Drum diameter φ155 mm
Drum arm thickness 13 mm
Bear 2.5 T / m
Active roller table power 1.5 kW / section

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