Cantilever fuse electroslag welding

Cantilever fuse electroslag welding

Technical function

Fused wire electroslag welding uses a special conductive tube. During the welding process, the welding wire is continuously fed into the conductive tube and continuously improved. The characteristics of fuse-type electroslag welding: 1) The conductive tube must be continuously improved during the welding process. The structure of the electroslag welding part is complicated, and the structure of the conductive tube itself is also more complicated, making the equipment cost much higher than the melt nozzle type. 2) The conductive tube does not melt during the welding process and can be used multiple times, reducing the cost of use. 3) Welding with fine wire of φ1.6mm, the current density of the welding wire is increased, the melting speed of the welding wire is accelerated, and the welding efficiency is improved.

Product parameters

Workpiece size 300 ~ 1200 mm
Trolley gauge 1000 mm
Walking speed 6 m / min
Walking motor power: 0.55KW
Effective welding length 17000mm
2 sets of welding power supply Fuse-type electroslag welding power supply, wire feeder, lifting device, contact tip, oscillator, control box, cooling water tank, etc.

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