Cantilever welding nozzle electroslag welding

Cantilever welding nozzle electroslag welding

Technical function

Welding nozzle electroslag welding uses a welding method in which a conductive tube (fusion nozzle) and a welding wire are melted together. During the welding process, the conductive tube is fixed, and the welding wire is continuously fed. The conductive tube actually becomes a part of the welding wire. Features of melt nozzle electroslag welding: 1) The structure of electroslag welding is relatively simple. Welding power supply generally uses domestic brands, which makes the equipment cost low. 2) The outer part of the conductive tube is covered with welding flux, which directly participates in the metallurgical process of molten metal during the welding process, which can improve the structure of the weld metal. 3) The conductive tube melts together with the welding wire, becomes a consumable material, and the use cost is high, and the box beams of different specifications must be equipped with conductive tubes of different lengths. 4) Welding with φ2.4mm thick welding wire, the welding speed is lower than the fuse type.

Product parameters

Workpiece size 300 ~ 1200 mm
Trolley gauge 1000 mm
Walking speed 6 m / min
Walking motor power 0.55KW
Effective welding length 17000mm
2 sets of welding power supply Contains electroslag welding power supply, wire feeder, fine adjustment mechanism and control box

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