Bridge Steel Structure Production Line

Bridge Steel Structure Production Line

U-ribbed gantry welding machine is a welding U-ribbed unit equipment developed and developed by our factory according to the welding process of fillet weld between U-rib and bottom plate on the U-ribbed unit of steel bridge. This machine is mainly used for special equipment for gas shielded ship-shaped welding between multiple U ribs and the bottom plate at the same time. The machine is compact in structure and easy to operate.

The assembled plate unit is fixed on a welding platform with a reversible angle. The welding seam mechanical tracking device is used to make the welding gun track the welding seam reliably. , Can be set to MIG welding or SAW welding. The welding platform can be set as an anti-deformation tire frame or a flat workbench.

Main technical parameters of U-ribbed gantry welding machine:

Gantry gauge 7000mm
Rail length According to customer needs
Floor width 4.5m
The maximum length of the bottom plate is 16m
Floor thickness 12-40  mm
U rib thickness 12mm
The angle between U rib and bottom plate is 106 0
Bevel angle is 46 , blunt edge 2mm
Number of U ribs on each floor 5 roots
U rib center distance 600-800mm.
Workpiece material Q370

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