Heavy H Beam Assembling Machine

Heavy H Beam Assembling Machine

This heavy duty H beam assembling machine can produce H beam with larger size according to customers’requirement, the maximum size of web height can reach 3 meter. It is equipped with auxiliary supporting device for large web.

Web height 200~3000mm
Web thickness 6~70mm
Flange width 200~1000mm
Flange thickness 6~80mm
Work-piece length 6000~15000mm or as user’s request
Assembly speed 0.65~6.5m/min
Power Single Assembly Machine:11kW (not including welding machines)

Assembly Machine matched with Heavy Duty Production Line:16.5kW (not including welding machines)

Above are our standard model, it can be designed and manufactured according to customer’s request.

   1.The automatic centering of flange and web adopts hydraulic motor and gear, with high 

   centering precision and good retentivity. All of the operation are centralized on the electric 

   control button panel, with easy and convenientoperation and precise positioning.

   2.The main transmission part adopts cycloid pinwheel and Taiwan TAIAN brand inverter, the 

   assembly speed can be adjusted between 0.5—6 M/min.

   3.The main components of this machine are welded structure parts with large strength and light 

   weight and the key components have been stress relieved, which don’t deform easily.

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