Mobile U-rib assembly machine

Mobile U-rib assembly machine

This machine is mainly used to press the U ribs on the bottom plate, force the U ribs and the bottom plate assembly line to coincide, eliminate the gap between the U ribs and the bottom plate, and perform automatic positioning spot welding on both sides of the 6 U ribs. The panel is placed on the work platform and is in place close to the positioning device of the work table. The U-ribbed plate is segmented and pressure spot welded to complete the assembly of the workpiece according to the pre-marked lines on the panel. There are two options for hydraulic or manual screw compression.

With the increasing number of large-scale steel structure bridge projects, the production and preparation of bridge deck U-ribbed plate units is becoming more and more necessary due to its large batch size, tight construction period, high forming and welding quality requirements.

Main technical parameters of mobile U rib assembly machine

Gantry gauge 6000mm
Rail length: 40mx2 According to customer needs
Single head U- rib compression module pressure 3 tons
U rib compression module spacing adjustment method Electric adjustment (servo motor, reducer, gear, rack)
U rib compression module spacing size display Control screen digital display and ruler scale display
U rib compression module relative position fixing method Hydraulic locking
Number of U-rib compression modules 5 (5 U ribs can be pressed and aligned at the same time )
Number of spot welding systems 2 pcs
Spot welding method Manual or robot automatic spot welding

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